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Chinese Suppliers You Love Or Hate?

Some time ago, a new customer in India said” I don’t trust China, and the quality of products in China is very poor “, when I recommended drip irrigation system products. This sentence makes me feel deeply, so today I want to talk to you about the Chinese suppliers you love and hate.

Take our water-saving irrigation industry as an example. In fact, many years ago, Chinese irrigation product suppliers were not like this. Because China’s low labor and developed industrial lines can greatly reduce the price of drip irrigation system products, Chinese drip irrigation suppliers are very popular among foreign distributors. As long as you have the opportunity to attend the exhibition or provide samples, you can gain a lot. Our irrigation sales staff are so busy every day that they don’t have to take the initiative to find customers.

Now, with the increasing popularity of export trade, there are more and more B2B or B2C platforms, and then countless drip irrigation trading companies and manufacturers have emerged. Obviously, clients have changed as well, they are from brands and distributors to retailers and even individuals. Arguably, with more and more irrigation suppliers, it should be easier for customers to find the manufacturers they need. However, there are still many customers who say they can’t find irrigation manufacturers. In fact, it is not that we can’t find irrigation manufacturers, but that we can’t find irrigation manufacturers that can reassure customers, trust them and have reliable quality. Sometimes everyone’s products look similar, but the prices differ greatly, and many customers are cheated and afraid. Therefore, every time I suggest that customers look at samples of drip irrigation products, what they see is what they believe. Instead of talking about the best service and the best quality.

But don’t worry. Service awareness and product quality have been paid attention to by export manufacturers and companies. In order to gain the trust of customers, most irrigation suppliers will provide 7 × 24-hour service. At the same time, I also believe that Chinese suppliers in irrigation and other industries will do better and better in product quality and service.

How to avoid being cheated as much as possible

  • First of all, check the supplier information to determine whether the customer is legal (if you have friends in China, it is best to help confirm whether the company exists)
  • Check whether the vendor has a website
  • Judge the supplier’s professionalism and timely response rate through conversation
  • Before placing an order, confirm the product quality through samples or place a trial orders first
  • Pay to the supplier’s corporate account instead of private account as much as possible

Finally, I want to say that China has the title of “, the world factory”, and the annual export trade volume is also rising, which shows that most of China’s products are actually very good and recognized by people all over the world. Don’t let the practices of a certain supplier affect the impression of China in your mind. Because no matter which country we import and purchase from, we need to be extremely careful. The last, wish you all have good health and better career in 2022.

FSYDRIP is a professional irrigation system manufacturer in China. Any comments from you will be welcomed.

Vita Zhang

Vita Zhang

Hi, I’m Vita Zhang, the manager of ssprinkler.com, we’ve been running a factory in China that makes drip irrigation products over 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to drip irrigation from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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