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How to guide customers to repair their own irrigation system?

Are there any minor problems with your irrigation system? I think anyone who owns it will definitely say "Yes".

Although each irrigation system will be designed individually according to different plots and crops planted, there will be some inevitable minor problems in the process of installation or use. Knowing the following knowledge will make it easy for you to deal with problems when you encounter them:

一, The emitter is blocked

Drip irrigation emitters as a long-term work and very important part of the drip irrigation system, with high work intensity, if the managers do not carry out daily maintenance, drip irrigation emitters may appear various problems and faults, affecting the normal operation of the drip irrigation system, thus affecting our economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to solve all kinds of faults encountered by drip irrigation emitters independently, so as to reduce the losses.

Emitter blockage is the most common problem in irrigation system, which can be divided into the following three aspects according to the blockage situation:

1. Chemical blockage

Because drip irrigation system is usually carried out together with fertilization system, after long-term use, undissolved fertilizer will form sediment and cause emitter blockage.


  • If the emitter is detachable, disassemble it and clean it. If it is not detachable, replace it with a new emitter.
  • If you need to irrigate with fertilizer, try to choose water-soluble fertilizer with high solubility.
  • Before each irrigation, irrigate with clear water for half an hour, then turn on the fertilizer absorber. After fertilization, irrigate with clear water for half an hour again to flush the residual fertilizer liquid in the pipe.
  • Control the amount of single fertilizer and carry out irrigation and fertilization mode of a small amount and multiple “in”

2. Physical blockage

Because of the poor water quality, the sediment and impurities in the water are sucked into the pipeline under the pressure of the pump, which causes the emitter to be blocked after long-term use.


  • Before each irrigation, open the plug of the pipe, flush the sediment in the pipe with water before irrigation. (Of course, this method is only suitable for small areas of planting.)
  • Install > 120 mesh filters, and according to the different water quality, sandstone filters, laminated filters and mesh filters are superimposed and combined to achieve better filtration effect.
  • Pump water into a pitcher or reservoir, precipitate it first, and then use it. Be careful to place the pool or pitcher in a shady place and cover it with something to prevent other sundries from floating into the pool.

3. Biological blockage

Because the pH value of water is different in each place, it is easy to breed green algae and other organisms in the wet pipe after long-term use to block the emitter.


  • When laying pipes, we need to put the emitters of the pipes up to keep the emitters dry and avoid the mud near the emitters causing the emitters to block.

二, The emitter/nozzle has little or no water output

1. A few individual emitters have no or little water

  • First, check whether the emitter is blocked. If it is blocked, clean or replace it
  • When the emitter is installed, it is inserted too deeply and fits the inner pipe wall, resulting in blockage of the emitter outlet

2. Most emitters and sprinklers do not produce water, or the water output is uneven

  • May be too low pressure, adjust the pipeline pressure or add booster pump
  • Lay emitters. If the number of emitters is too large, install valves in the middle of the pipe to control the number of single emitters/emitters
  • The sprinkler/emitter is damaged, replace it with a new product
  • Improper selection of pipe size leads to insufficient water supply, so replace the pipe or shorten the laying length of drip irrigation pipe.

三, The drip irrigation tape leaks

FSYDRIP drip tape has an average life of 1-2 years, which is deeply loved by everyone and is very easy to buy in the market. The quality of drip tape is good or bad. Excessive sunlight, excessive pressure and birds and insects are easy to damage the drip irrigation belt, resulting in water leakage of the drip irrigation belt. However, the solution is also very simple, cut off the leaking part, and then reconnect it with the connector.

四, The pipeline is broken

Pipeline rupture is usually caused by excessive pressure or accidental destruction by people. If the pressure is too high, adjust the pressure valve, reduce the pressure and replace the new pipe. We should be careful to use the pipe as far as possible within the pressure range marked by the manufacturer, so as to avoid the economic loss caused by the pipe rupture affecting irrigation.

These are some common problems in irrigation system, which I hope will help you. If you don’t understand anything, please contact FSYDRIP.

Vita Zhang

Vita Zhang

Hi, I’m Vita Zhang, the manager of ssprinkler.com, we’ve been running a factory in China that makes drip irrigation products over 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to drip irrigation from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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