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Fog Sprinkler

Fog Sprinkler

Plastic spray nozzles in greenhouses can be used for cooling, deworming and sterilization.

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black, blue



Detail about Fog Sprinkler

What is a fog sprinkler (mist nozzle)?
The fog sprinkler (mist nozzle) is an irrigation method in which water passes through the PE pipe to the nozzle under a certain pressure and then sprays it out in the form of mist. It is often used in greenhouses to reduce temperature and irrigate.

Product name: Fog sprinkler
Color: black, blue
Working pressure: 1. 5 – 3. 5 bar
Outlet: four holes, five holes
Flow rate: 0-150L

Small water droplets, not easy to damage the foliage of plants
Uniform water output, not easy to be clogged
Easy installation and long service life
Wide range of applications

It can be used to irrigate vegetables, strawberries, mushrooms, fungus, etc., and can also be used in livestock breeding plants to cool down and sterilize

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