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fountain sprinkler

fountain sprinkler

Fountain sprinklers are often used for garden irrigation. The flow can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants until closing. It is the best choice of potted crops.

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What is fountain sprinkler?

The fountain irrigation sprinkler is a kind of micro sprinkler with adjustable flow. The shape of the water sprayed is circular, similar to a fountain, so it is called a fountain sprinkler.

Product Name: adjustable fountain irrigation sprinkler
Connection with PVC tube
size: 4mm
tube length: 50cm
stick height: 20cm
spray diameter: 3m
flow: 4L-130L/H
work pressure: 1bar-2bar
packing: carton
inner packing: Band binding
quantity of inner packing: 10 sets
total quantity: 500 sets
Suggestions for use: It is suitable for orchard fruit trees, landscape irrigation sprinkling, garden irrigation


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