1/2”stake sprinkler

1/2”stake sprinkler

This stake sprinkle can easy installation and adjustable the outlet method from 0-360 degree.

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Detail about 1/2”stake sprinkler

Product name: 1/2”garden stake sprinkler
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Height: 19.5cm
Color: yellow

1.Strong practicability, a variety of nozzles can be used together
2.Easy to install
3.Can be matched tubes of various materials
4.Wide range of applications, can be used in home garden irrigation and landscaping irrigation
5.Small body, easy to transport

Common collocations:
1. With male connector and female 360 degree adjustable sprinklers

2, with male sprinkler

Installation steps:

1. Unscrew the water blocking cover on the stake
2. Connect 1/2” pipes,
3. Connect the quick connector and your pipe
4. Connect the white connector to the stake
5. Install a 360-degree adjustable nozzle

You can also refer to the following video installation:


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