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insert rotating sprinkler

insert rotating sprinkler

A sprinkler commonly used in irrigation systems such as lawns, gardens, orchards and so on.

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Detail about insert rotating sprinkler

What is an insert rotating sprinkler?
Insert rotating nozzles generally consist of stick, sprinkler head (double-sided wheel micro nozzles, refraction atomizing micro nozzles, large runner micro nozzles), capillaries (PVC or PE pipes), and small connector and other PE pipe fittings to form a complete set of insert rotating Sprinkler.

Product name: insert rotating sprinkler
Spraying diameter: 4-5m
Flow rate: 150L/H
Working pressure: 1.5 bar-3 bar
Stick height: 20cm/50cm
tube length: 50cm (customizable)
Application: Commonly used in irrigation systems such as lawns, gardens, orchards.

product advantages
Low energy consumption, water saving, low investment, easy management, convenient maintenance, so the micro-sprinkler fountain has been widely used in many situations such as parks, greening, landscapes, nurseries and so on.

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