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4 way irrigation drip arrow

4 way irrigation drip arrow

A mini emitter can be used in greenhouses, nurseries, etc. And it is often used in irrigation methods such as hydroponics to prevent excessive accumulation of water in low-lying areas.

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4 way

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Working pressure: 80Kpa-200Kpa

Flow rate: 1L/H-4L/H

Suggested working pressure: 100Kpa

Features: The flow channel adopts a labyrinth-type turbulent flow channel, which can effectively reduce pressure and ensure that the irrigation is even and the water is uniform. The outlet of the runner is equipped with a unique diversion disc to make the water flow along the rod and avoid scouring the soil or substrate.

Purpose: Combined with 3/5mm PVC pipe and water divider, it can distribute multiple irrigation points freely, especially suitable for potted crops.

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