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Pressure compensation dripper

Pressure compensation dripper

Pressure compensation dripper is the most commonly used dripper in drip irrigation, also called online dripper. The distance between the emitters can be adjusted according to the distance between the crops. The laying length is long and the flow rate is stable. It is the best choice for tree irrigation.

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black, blue


4L/H, 8L/H

Detail about Pressure compensation dripper

Product parameters:
1. Raw material: polypropylene (PP)
2. Flow rate: 4L/H 8L/H
3. Color: blue/black
4. Working pressure: 1-2bar

working principle:

When water enters from the dripper inlet, it passes through the flow channel and impacts the silicone sheet inside the dripper with water pressure to achieve the pressure compensation function.

Product advantages:
1. It has the function of pressure compensation, and the effluent is even.
2,Irrigation uniformity is high and individual difference is small.
3,With detachable washing function, it is the most gambling resistant product in all drip irrigation products.
4,Strong adaptability to complex terrain and long laying distance
Product Application: Mainly used for fruit trees, shelterbelts, and other native wood crop

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