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What is the trend of irrigation industry?

Forecast of future trends in the irrigation industry.

Affected by drought, almost every country has encountered the problem of water shortage, which is not a national problem. At present, drought is global. However, agricultural irrigation water accounts for about 60% of the total water consumption. This is why many countries do not hesitate to allocate financial funds to help farmers change irrigation patterns in order to achieve the purpose of saving water.

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“If we can’t reduce the amount of water we use to irrigate our farms, we won’t be able to get rid of water shortages and the threat of water shortages”, said Brian Richter, president of Sustainable Water. Some farms in California have also started to use wastewater for irrigation due to long-term drought and water shortage, which has to be said to have solved some problems.

At present, in China, India and other countries, there are still many people who use flood irrigation, which not only causes water waste to a certain extent, but also increases excessive labor costs, and it is necessary for these people to change the irrigation method. Because of this, many people have seen the business opportunities brought by drought, so more and more people have joined the irrigation industry, which also shows the sustainability and stability of the future development of the irrigation industry. Because people can’t live without plants at any time, and plants can’t live without irrigation water.

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The following is the global irrigation system query trend shown by Google trends in recent five years:

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Vita Zhang

Vita Zhang

Hi, I’m Vita Zhang, the manager of ssprinkler.com, we’ve been running a factory in China that makes drip irrigation products over 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to drip irrigation from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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