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Which is more important, quality or price? -FSYDRIP

Because of the choice of quality and price, he spent $30,000 to install the drip irrigation system, which instead led to a 10% reduction in production.

Hello everyone, I’m Vita from FSYDRIP drip irrigation product manufacturer. In the market, quality and price are indispensable topics for each of us to discuss. Today, I will express my own point on this view.

I think quality is as important as price.

Quality is the promise to ensure customers to buy with confidence, while price is the motivation to attract customers to buy.

On the equal conditions of the same quality of drip irrigation products, it is the most correct choice to choose a product with “reasonable price “, Please note that I used”reasonable price” not “cheap price “.

There is an old Chinese sentence saying that ” You can only buy a product for a penny’s worth with a penny “. There will always be products with lower prices than you in the market. It is not a very intelligent choice to pursue price or quality simply.

FSYDRIP has been striving for a balance between the two over the years. On the premise of the same product quality, reduce the price as much as possible, or improve the quality of our products at the same price.

Let’s take a look at a customer case:

This client, from Inner Mongolia in northern China, has about 50 hectares of land to grow corn and wheat. As we all know, because of the short growth cycle of corn and wheat, drip tape is undoubtedly the best choice. I recommended patch drip irrigation to him.

He said why a roll of your 16mm drip tape with 0.2 mm thick and 20cm spaced is $15 more expensive than others. I said, because the raw materials are different. We all use brand-new PE material with good toughness. He said that other people’s product are also brand new. I said that our built-in emitters are also made of brand new materials, and he said that so are others. I said we have a one-year warranty. He said someone else had a two-year warranty.

I said: “, congratulations. If you find a very qualified supplier, as you said, you can work with them first. If you need our help, we will always be behind you.”

In fact, we used to have cheap labyrinth drip tapes before, but a quality problem cost us hundreds of thousands of RMB. We stopped the production line and upgraded and replaced the raw materials of all products.

Don’t worry and be afraid when you buy our products, because no matter who you buy, there may be problems. What matters is the way, attitude and efficiency of dealing with problems after they occur.

Pursuing maximum benefits is the job of every purchaser, but please remember that the best drip irrigation products will never appear in real life, and you can only find suitable drip irrigation products or drip irrigation manufacturers according to demand, price, packaging and other conditions.

The above only represents the personal views of FSYDRIP Vita and is for reference only. If you have a better opinion, please leave a message. Thank you.

Vita Zhang

Vita Zhang

Hi, I’m Vita Zhang, the manager of ssprinkler.com, we’ve been running a factory in China that makes drip irrigation products over 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to drip irrigation from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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