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8-hole adjustable dripper

8-hole adjustable dripper

Adjustable flow dripper, also called 8-hole adjustable dripper. The flow rate can be adjusted, and it can also be closed directly, which is easy to clean and not easy to be blocked.

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Detail about 8-hole adjustable dripper

Product name: 8-hole adjustable dripper
Product description: The flow rate can be adjusted, can be closed, and can be disassembled for cleaning. And spray water at 360 degrees.

Pressure: 1-2bar
Flow rate: 0-70L/H
Range: 0-50cm.
Color: blue/black
Scope of application: fruit trees, seedlings, the water output of the head can be adjusted according to the water demand of the seedlings (the low is adjustable to the cutoff).

product composition
1) This product consists of two parts, a tip sprinkler and a double barbed connector,
2) It can be connected to PE pipe alone, or it can be used with 4/7 PVC capillary pipe

installation method:

1) Punch holes in the PE pipe with a hole punch and connect to the PE pipe through a barbed joint
2) According to the distance between the crop and the water pipe, first punch a hole on the PE pipe with a puncher, insert the joint, connect the 4/7 PVC pipe, and finally connect the 4/7 pipe with the dripper.

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